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Siras Oriel Development LLC

Siras Oriel Development LLC is a joint venture between Siras Development, a New York-based luxury real estate development group and Singapore-based Oriel Development, one of the pre-eminent Asian luxury developers. With a mutual commitment to the highest level of design and structure, Siras Oriel Development LLC brings global architecture and cultural sensibilities to the world’s greatest cities.

Siras Development is a New York based integrated real estate group building commercial, hospitality and residential developments of exceptional quality, from partners Ashwin Verma and Saif Sumaida. The company creates developments that use pioneering architecture and design to redefine neighborhoods from Tribeca and Soho to the West Chelsea Highline and Hudson Yards.

With a development and construction management portfolio of more than 30 properties across New York City, including the critically acclaimed Soori High Line, Hotel Americano and the new Hudson Rise Tower, Siras Development is looking to redefine the architectural landscape of New York.

Oriel Development is a Singapore-based luxury real estate development company that is profoundly reinterpreting the global concept of luxury development. Backed by the world-renowned architect and developer Soo K. Chan, Oriel Development projects capture the imagination and have become synonymous with a bespoke, luxury experience. With projects across the world from Singapore and Bali to New York and Milan, Oriel Development continues to bring high design to global cities.

The founding partners have diverse backgrounds in design, real estate investment, development and construction management, and have designed or managed the construction of nearly one million square feet of luxury residential and hospitality projects in New York City, ranging from ground up buildings to conversions and restorations. Working with leaders in their fields, spanning from architects, designers, hotel companies, operating partners, brands and investors, the principals have designed projects in over 30 cities, across 5 continents.

As a result of working on projects and with partners throughout the world, the team brings to every development a unique, global perspective. The partners' works have been featured in the world’s most prestigious publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ. Magazine, Financial Times, How to Spend It, Architectural Record, Architectural Review and Wallpaper.

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  • Siras Development

    Saif Sumaida

    Managing Partner
    Design & Construction Management

    Mr. Sumaida, educated as an architect, has over twenty years of architecture, construction and real estate experience in New York City.

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  • Siras Development

    Ashwin Verma

    Managing Partner
    Finance & Marketing

    Mr. Verma has over fifteen years of development experience changing the architectural landscape of New York.

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  • Oriel Soo K. Chan

    Oriel Development

    Soo K. Chan

    Managing Principal

    Soo K. Chan is the founder and managing principal of Oriel, a Singapore-based development company specializing in bespoke hospitality and luxury residential projects. Mr. Chan is also the founding principal of SCDA, a design studio seamlessly integrating architecture, interiors, landscape and product design to create holistic spatial experiences in over 40 cities.

    Oriel is a Singapore-based development company specializing in bespoke hospitality and luxury residential projects, in conjunction with SCDA. Founder and Managing Principal Soo Chan brings a holistic approach to each project, encompassing design, development, construction, deal structuring and marketing. To date, Oriel has developed 940,000 square feet across Asia, North America and Europe.

    Soo Chan’s award-winning design consultancy SCDA has designed over USD $21 billion worth of real estate covering 125 million square feet, from high-density urban developments to culturally and environmentally-significant destinations in five continents. Oriel’s development and management flagship brands are Soori New York, Soori Bali, and Soori Niseko. Future expansion plans include key gateway cities to London, Paris, Milan.